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Starting school is an exciting time for both children and their families. At Broomfield School we work hard to ensure each child has a positive and successful transition to school. We look forward to building a wonderful relationship with you, your family and your child. 

Enrolment Procedures
To help with our planning, we encourage you to enrol your child at least 12 months before they start school.  When enrolling at Broomfield School, you will need to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a copy of their immunisation certificate, a signed statement regarding your place of residence (enclosed in the enrolment pack) and supporting documentation.

Four Year Old Programme

Broomfield School has a four year old programme for children enrolled at the school.  Every fortnight children are able to be involved in a numeracy and literacy session with our marvellous New Entrant teacher.  The children will also spend some time with their senior buddy.  Children can stay for all or part of the lunch session if they wish.

Pre-Entry Visits
Our wonderful New Entrant Teacher, Mrs Emma Gibson, will contact you approximately 6 weeks before your child’s fifth birthday, so there is time for three pre-entry visits before starting school.  These consist of two morning sessions, and 1 full day in the classroom.                                              

Changing Contact Details

Whenever there is a change of address, home or business telephone numbers, mother’s hours of work, medical information, or family circumstances, please inform the school promptly. Out of date information can mean that we are unable to contact you in an emergency.



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