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Broomfield Enviro Group
The role of the Enviro Group is to think about, research and develop Broomfield School as a sustainable environment. The Enviro Group is made up of children from Tawa, Kowhai, Rimu, Matai and Nikau.  We have 19 fantastic children in the group. On Tuesday 18 March 2014, we formed our group and had our first session with Matt from Enviro School.  We looked at our Vision Map for our school and the future. 

Our vision statement we created at the end of the day was: 

Broomfield Enviro Group want: 
A place where we feel safe, happy and secure on our surroundings.  
We learn about the environment by doing, we are aware of our choices, and the effect they will make on the environment. 
We will look as one with nature, laughing and having fun on our journey.  
Broomfield school will be our home away from home.