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Welcome to Broomfield School's Professional Learning opportunities.  Broomfield School has been successful in offering quality Professional Learning opportunities to North Canterbury during 2013.
During the 2014 year we are offering our Professional Learning opportunities to all schools in Canterbury, so if you would like to join us for Professional Learning in a lovely picturesque country setting we would love to have you join us.

Term Two 2014

Presenter: Ewan McIntosh
Date: Monday 16th June 2014
Venue: Clarkville School
Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Cost: $195 per person / $175 (3+) excludes gst 
Catering: Morning Tea and Lunch
Register online:  http://goo.gl/gltvXo

Broomfield School invites you to spend a day at Clarkville School with Ewan McIntosh focussing on developing modern learning mindsets.  Mindset change is the key to change, more than the steel and glass in many ways.  We will be developing an understanding of creative and innovative design thinking.  We’ll learn about modern learning mindsets by really using them, and the tools that help them come about, and provide you with ideas to takeaway so that as leaders you can use the same tools with your staff and colleagues, and apply them in teaching and learning.

Whether you are a school of single cell classrooms, combined learning spaces or working with the power of three you will find new ideas to add depth to the teaching and learning within your school.

Ewan McIntosh ( http://notosh.com/who-we-are/ewan-mcintosh/ )

Ewan leads the development of work with key clients globally, in the education world and creative industries, and is a keynote speaker on innovation, design thinking and creativity.

As a French and German teacher in Scottish high schools I relentlessly put technology to work in an effort to engage students, with my high school classes being amongst the first in Europe to podcast and blog. Later, I worked as National Advisor on Learning and Technology Futures for the Scottish Government before changing career tack, and becoming Digital Commissioner for the groundbreaking British broadcaster Channel 4.

During my time there, the premise for NoTosh was discovered: the creative people I worked with every day there used certain processes, tactics and strategies to consistently create imaginative, engaging digital services for teens and young adults. On the flip side, educators were being told left, right and centre that creativity was important, but no-one seemed to be explaining how. NoTosh was to give an upfront, no nonsense understanding of how the people in the creative industries are creative, and how it fits with what we know makes great teaching and learning. A key part of this is the idea that those who will flourish in the future are not just those who can solve problems, but those who can find great problems to solve (or opportunities to fill) in the first instance.


Term One 2014
SOLO Taxonomy
SOLO is a powerful mental model for students – and is capable of changing the way they think about their own learning outcomes. With SOLO, students understand that learning outcomes are the result of effort and the use of effective strategies rather than luck or fixed abilities. They are able and motivated to monitor their own progress in a learning task and to make smart decisions on their next steps. Schools using SOLO, report improvements in student learning outcomes; a raise in student confidence and increases in student engagement in learning.
We are offereing three days of quality learning and conversations with acclaimed presenter Pam Hook.  Pam Hook is an experienced consultant in teaching and learning. She works with teachers in schools to help all students learn to learn.
An educational writer and edublogger, Pam has written many
publications. She is well known for her blog Artichoke
where she has been reflecting on teaching and learning since 2004.
In addition, Pam directs Ministry of Education ICT Professional Development cluster contracts in (e) learning, writes curriculum resources for business and government departments, and advises on the pedagogical design of curriculum materials, interactive games and other (e) learning initiatives.
 SOLO the next step
This full Professional Learning day is for those schools who have trialled / tinkered / started to use SOLO and would like to know more about implementation and take SOLO in their school and classroom to the next level.
Presenter: Pam Hook
Date: Monday 3rd March 2014
Venue: North Loburn School
Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Cost: $150.00 + gst (includes morning tea and lunch)
Register online:  http://goo.gl/QEgtsv 
 An introduction to SOLO in Class Programmes
This full Professional Learning day is for those schools who would like to explore using SOLO in their programmes.  Learn how to use SOLO Taxonomy as a model for understanding surface, deep and conceptual learning outcomes.
Use SOLO to help;
students self evaluate learning outcomes, give feedback and set 'where to next' steps - building assessment capability
teachers develop differentiated learning intentions and success criteria - enhancing achievement outcomes
schools introduce a common language of learning
Presenter: Pam Hook
Date: Tuesday 4th March 2014
Venue: North Loburn School
Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Cost: $150.00 + gst (includes morning tea and lunch)
Register online:  http://goo.gl/SyhtHX 
Practical Applications of SOLO Maps in the classroom
SOLO maps are diagrams that can act as visual process tools for learning.  There are SOLO maps for;
bringing in ideas - define, describe
connecting ideas - classify, compare and contrast, explain causes and effects, sequence and analyse
looking at connected ideas in a new way - generalise, reflect, predict and evaluate
This day is split into two. 
The morning session will focus on the practical application of SOLO maps in the Junior classroom setting.  The afternoon session will focus on the practical application of SOLO maps in the Senior classroom setting.
Come along and be involved in professional conversations based on how to use SOLO maps to strengthen your daily programme.
Presenter: Pam Hook
Date: Wednesday 5th  March 2014
Venue: North Loburn School
Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm Juniors (NE - Y3)
           1.00pm - 4.00pm Seniors (Y4 - Y8)
Cost: $70 + gst per session
Register online:  http://goo.gl/Y4rgQA