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This term we are going to be looking beyond Broomfield School and New Zealand and learn about different cultures.  we are going to learn about different games, celebrations or festivals people in other countries have.

The clip below shows us the bedrooms of many people around the world.  How is your bedroom similar / different?

Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali
December Holidays
Cultural differences - National Geographic
Traditional Samoan Dance
Sasa dance
Indian Dance
Russian Dance Kalinka
Traditional games
Cultural Dances
Festivals around the world
Holidays around the world
Calendar of celebrations
academic kids holidays
Photographs - Cultures and People
Cultures for Kids
Children of the world - youtube
World Faces - Youtube
ePals unit
very american
Catalogue of world games
Harmony Day - World Games
Tradition ideas
Social Studies for Kids
Define Culture - Lesson PLan for seniors
Bull Run 1
Bull Run 2
Bull Run 3
Bull Run 4
Running of the bulls
Bull Run Clip
Bull Run Clip 2
La Tomatina 1
La Tomatina 2
La Tomatina 3
La Tomatina 4
La Tomatina 5
La Tomatina Clip 1
La Tomatina Clip 2
Cheese Roll 1
Cheese Roll 2
Cheese Roll 3
Cheese Roll Clip 2
Google Maps
Cheese Roll 2
Hi Nikau,
Your task today is to find out information about three events that take place in the world. 
1.  The Running of the Bulls
2.  La Tomatina
3.  Gloucstershire Cheese Roll

You will need to use the online resources in the folder above to gather some general information on the events.  Remember to think about what stage of SOLO you will be working at.
1.  What is it?
2.  Are there any rules?
3.  What equipment is needed?
4.  Why do they do it?
5.  How long have they been doing it?
6.  Is it a tradition / festival / celebration?
7 .  Where is it? (have a check on google maps as well)
Complete this as a poster.  You will need;
To work in pairs, choose a partner you have not worked with during our Olympic work.
1 A3 piece of cartridge paper (landscape)
Fold into thirds
Think about how you will present your information
Images are good (2-3 per event)

Add to the discussion thread.  What one event would you go to and why?
Good Luck