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We are going to be learning about Music.  The focus for this topic is on different music styles, instruments and sounds.

As you listen to the different music styles the important aspect will be to discuss your ideas and feelings, remember to keep an open mind.

You might need to think about the following...

How would you define the style?

What do you like / not like about each style?

What instruments can you hear?

How old / new is this style of music?

Who would listen to it regularly?

And just for interest... The Voca People...

We have listened to a variety of music styles / genre during the last few weeks.  We have used four of the six thinking hats (yellow = what we like / black = what we do not like / red = how does this music make us feel / white = what instruments can we hear) when listening to the music. 

For the next few sessions you will need to engage in independent activities based on our Music Appreciation.  Each activity is worth a number of points.  The deeper the thinking the more points you will gain.

1.  Research an artist from one of the styles we have covered (it can be an artist we have listened to or another).  Get the facts = Who / What style / When were they most popular / Well known songs / Age (2 points)

2.  Publish your ranking ladder (1 point)

3.  Find a published ranking ladder that has at least three styles in the same place (2 points)

4.  Create a Pic Collage on one artist from the number one spot on your ranking ladder.  You need to include;  Picture of the artist / picture of an album cover / style of music / artists name / the names of three songs (2 points)

5.  Create a Wordle / Tagxedo based on one music style.  Use the class posters to collect words and statements based on the style (1 point = 4 posters / 2 points = 6 posters)

6.  Complete a high quality Art Rage picture of yourself as a rock star (2 points)

7.  Complete a DEFINE outline for one music style (1 point = multistructural / 2 points = relational)

8.  Complete a COMPARE and CONTRAST outline for two music styles (1 point = multistructural / 2 points = relational)

9.  Create your own piece of instrumental music in a specific style, use SDML on the PCS or Garage Band on the Macs (30 -45 seconds) (3 points)

10.  Create a piece of music to accompany a nursery rhyme (you will need to record your own voice, use SDML on the PCS or Garage Band on the Macs (4 points)

11.  Create a 'dictionary' page defining one music style.  It must include; an online definition / dictionary definition / your own definition / an image (2 points)

12.  Create a LifeCard on the iPad based on a music style or an artist.  Use a newspaper template to write an article (3 points)
Unit Resources
Variety of Genre
Virtual Keyboard
Peter and the Wolf
Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra
Carnival of the Animals
Jump Jump
He aint heavy, he's my brother
Caravan of Love
Flight of the Bumblebee
Symphony No8
Four Seasons
Achy Breaky Heart
Cowboy Take Me Away
Isalnds in the Stream
The Gambler
Guess Things Happen that Way
Any Man of Mine
Heavy Metal
Money Talks
Whiskey in a Jar
Smokin in the Boys Room
Rock n Roll All Night
Symphony of Destruction
Run to the Hills
In Your Face
Fire Starter
Mr Bojangles
Zoot Suit Riot
Mr White Keys
Gypsy Swing
Swing Music
Buffalo Soldier
I Shot The Sheriff
Get Up Stand Up
The Tide is High
By The Rivers of Babylon
Slavery Days
Hit Men Percussion Performance
Hit men drumming
Rock n Roll
Rock around the clock
Jailhouse Rock
Heartbreak Hotel
Folsom Prison Blues
Blueberry Hill
Great Balls of Fire
Fight for your right
Not Many
Walk This Way
Lose Yourself
In Da Club
Still DRE
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