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This term our focus is on using paint.  Each class will be developing an understanding of some of the ideas below.  Each class will have their own focus and create paintings unique to them.  You may find examples of your child's work on their class page or in their e-portfolio.
  • The effect of different paints
    • tempera, watercolour, dye, impasto
  • Effects that can be developed by using different painting tools
    • Different sized brushes, card, sponges, rollers, paint knives
  • The effect of paint on different surfaces
    • Paper, hessian, canvas
  • Styles of painting
    • Impressionist, pointillism, cubist, abstract,  pop art, surrealism
  • The effects different techniques make when painting
    • Blending, over painting, limited palette, monochromatic

Classes may upload photos of the children painting and their finished artworks.  Please check the class pages for this.

We may use TOMATOES to analyse a piece of art...

NZ Artists
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