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Depending on the year level of your child they will have basic facts and reading allocated each week. It is expected that these two alone will take up to 30 minutes and will be of significant benefit to improving learning outcomes.

In addition to the compulsory homework, we are offering a significant amount of additional, meaningful, relevant and community based home learning challenges. The catagories ensure that home learning includes many aspects of learning for the child including academic excellence.  The learning challenges relate back to the Broomfield ABCS.

The main difference between this style of home learning and previous traditional homework used in the past is that families "choose" to participate.  It also allows parents to be flexible in the timeframes children have to complete home learning as we truly appreciate the wonderful learning that takes place at home on a daily basis.

This style of home learning is aligned with the New Zealand curriculum developing Life Long Learners offering a wide range of enjoyable and interesting challenges that will involve the family as well as the child. Please be involved in your child's learning (this alone will have more impact than any homework sheet the school may have sent home in the past) and encourage them to participate.

There are links being updated to our learning links pages to help support maths and literacy (through web based activities as well as printable worksheets) home learning.


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