Instructions for downloading the Broomfield School App

Broomfield School now has a School App

Go to the App Store on your Apple or Android device and search "SchoolAppsNZ" to download the app on to your device.

Then search 'Broomfield School' to find your school's app.

Subscribe to alerts

Select the classes your child/ren are in, which bus they travel on and any sports teams they are involved in.  If you did not do this when you downloaded the app, go to the menu bar, click on alert subscriptions and subscribe to the alerts you wish to receive.


Use the Absentee button to email, call or text the office.


All the school and class events are posted here for your information.


Miss out on your newsletter – use this button to read new and previous newsletters.


Catch up with the latest news from The BEES.


This is where all the notices and draws will be posted for your information.


This is the most important button of all!  This is where alerts from the school, class or sports team will be posted for your information.  The facebook / twitter system will eventually go and this will become the way we communicate with you in a private secure app.

If you require any assistance please see Miss Moeller.