Our School

Policies and Procedures

Broomfield has recently moved in line with a number of other schools to adopt the SchoolDocs approach to Policies and Procedures.

Our user name is broomfield and the password is abcs.

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Mission & Vision

At Broomfield School we embrace Innovative and Creative Teaching and Learning

Our Charter

Annual Report 2019

Our Values

Our Values are deeply held beliefs detailing what our school community considers most important for our learners.

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We are a decile eight school five minutes inland from Amberley. We are bordered by wide expanses and have picturesque views of the mountain ranges. We have 120 motivated Broomfield Learners, spread across five classes.

Our marvellous staff ensure that the children's learning needs are being met through Deliberate Acts of Teaching, this also means that the children have an understanding of what they are learning, are able to talk about and identify next steps to continually improve.

As a school we recognise the importance of community partnerships and are looking at different ways we can promote this in our programmes. The school owns and operates two school buses.  The buses are used for collecting and returning children to and from school. We are also able to use the buses throughout the day to make the most of learning outside the classroom.   We have allocated drop off and pick up points in / near Amberley, these are in line with our allocated Transport Entitlement Zone.

If you are interested in joining our wonderful learning community please come out for a visit anytime, or call (03 314 9444) or email (principal@broomfield.school.nz ) us to arrange a tour of the school at a time that is convenient to you.

We have a wonderful community based  learning environment where everybody is valued and included.

Our talented children are in the following classes:



NE & Yr 1



Yr 2



Yr 3 & 4



Yr 5 & 6



Yr 7 & 8